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Denise Sandstrum

What a shame on us as American to allow the sumpeme court to rule in favor of these protestors.Let the go to Afganistan ,Iraq ,see how much freedom is allowed there.Its the very freedom that our soldiers have died for,that they protest

Beth Noble

I come from a military community with many friends that have served in foreign countries; my father is a retired US Marine and I am a fanatic supporter or our troops and their families. But I am also taking the less popular road in stating I think this church (as immoral and amoral as it sounds) has the right to speak as they desire. Without giving them this right, we are no better off than countries such as Libya where we are now currently watching how hard it is to speak up for your rights. I think the Westboro church is despicable for these protests but sadly, I believe it is their constitutional right to do so.

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