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Why would you feel "nauseated" when it's not a cigarette and there is no smoke? Why is it considered filth? Just out of curiousity, do you drink coffee or soda? If so, I would question whether you may have an addiction and if so why are you allowed to do this in public? Oh that's right...because you are only affecting yourself just like someone using an electronic cigarette. Maybe you should do a little research before spouting off on a topic you are not fully educated on.
So are you suggesting that rather than provide an alternative to smokers that cannot quit they should just continue using a legal drug that has been proven to kill?
And to answer your question regarding the safety of the electronic cigarette and the FDA. Have you ever thought about the general politics involved and the interest and party groups that have the ability to influence (Philip Morris, etc...)?
I'm not sure who you are but I am sure you under qualified for a position that allows you to write editorials such as this. From the way it appears I'm probably the only one that has read this post so you're not doing any damage anyway.
By the way, are you aware that the PG that seems to have everyone up in arms is also utilized in foods, medications, cosmetics, etc...?

Chuck Holroyd

You are possibly the dumbest blogger I have ever read. Do some frickin homework befiore you write something out of your ass next time.


How many chemicals are in regular cigarettes - TRY 4000. How many people die from Cigarette second hand smoke ? How filthy is that habit really ?

Now just THINK about comparing the above facts and compare them to the e cigarette produt you just slammed.

Johnny Shmoe

I actually love the e cig product. It's mostly propaganda out there that is destroying the credibility of suppliers.


I think smoking electronic cigarettes is a pretty good solution. It might not be perfect, but it is far better than smoking tobacco cigarettes and is more effective to help people quit smoking completely

Paul Westphalen

New death sticks? Really? So aqueous glycerin, food flavoring and nicotine are deadly? If this is the case, what are we allowed to ingest, that is considered healthy. The last I looked food flavoring and food grade glycerin were not considered deadly. I also want to comment on nicotine. Pharmaceutical grade nicotine I’ll admit is a drug. But nicotine has a bad reputation because it’s associated with tobacco. Well e-cigarette users are NOT smoking it….. at all. If caffeine was in tobacco, I guess it would be an awful drug that no one should use. But say goodbye to your coffee, pop and chocolate. If you want to convince me, tell me how nicotine is so much worse than caffeine. Good luck.

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